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F1 Computer Services works in partnership with existing IT departments.  If a company has branch offices in the Valley and a head office in Toronto – F1 will work with Toronto to setup and maintain the branches to the standards set at the head office. F1 is well aware of the difficulties in maintaining a consistent computer policy across all branch offices.


F1 has many clients in this category – the classic small business. Not big enough to warrant a full time IT department. However, they have all the problems associated with a larger business.

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Does this scenario sound familiar?

Moms got an IPhone. Dads has a PC, Billy has the XBOX and an Android Smart Phone. Suzy has an IPad and IMac. Then they use TELUS for their internet but use Rogers for their cellular phones. The family pictures of Disneyland (2 years ago) are on the memory stick in the drawer. The LCD Picture frame hasn’t had it pictures updated since the Christmas four years ago. AND the VCR is still flashing 12:00. They don’t want to even think about what type of backup they have.

Household computer support is often more complicated than small business. The impression that advertising and friends give is that “it is so easy you can do it yourself”   This results in frustration and giving up when you find it isn’t so simple. F1 Computer Services can make all of these devices work with each other. F1 can show you how to work all the devices too.

F1 often equates fixing your computer to changing the oil in your car. Changing your oil in your car isn’t actually that hard to do – but why would you?   You take to your local Mr. Lube and get it done faster, cheaper and you get a coffee and newspaper (F1 doesn’t provide a coffee or a newspaper)


F1 supports the computer systems for several non-profit (and “not for profit”) organizations.   F1 feels that giving of their most precious resource – their time – is better than simply writing a cheque.

Non-Profit organizations are expected to run like a business. And while they rely on volunteers to do most of the leg work, sometimes an expert from F1 can help on how to do the work or even do the work for them.

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