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Getting Coffee



F1’s Philosophy is to fix the client then the computer. If you get your computer fixed but don’t feel better – what’s the point.

Helping the client to feel better by taking the time to listen to the problems, empathize with the frustration, and then to be involved with the remedy empowers the client and gives back the control.

Value is a combination of cost and results.  F1 Computer Services produces value by providing quality resolutions for our customers quickly.


List of services we provide.

  • Solve critical system failures

  • Data files restored

  • Virus diagnostics & removal

  • Cloud Backup Service

  • Setup networks & maintenance

  • Maintenance & speed up slow performance computers

  • Hardware & software installation

  • Equipment consultation

  • Individual & group training

Working Together


Robert C. Mellalieu

Robert has been the owner operator of F1 Computer Services since 1990.
Robert got his start in the computer world playing on a Tandy (Radio Shack) TRS-80.
He moved on to the Timex Sinclair and then to the IBM 8086 – the rest is history.
Robert studied at the DeVry Institute of technology in Calgary, Alberta and completed the Electronics Technician Diploma program.
ADP Dealer Services Division then hired Rob to manage their field service office in Winnipeg.
Rob was responsible for the Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northwest Ontario region.
F1 was established while Rob was with ADP in Winnipeg.  F1 Winnipeg moved to F1 Kelowna in 1993 and has been a going concern ever since.
Robert has been a Big Brother, Rotarian Director, President of the Okanagan Antique and Classic Boat Society.

Do you want to join the F1 Computer Services team? Send us your information and we’ll get back to you soon.

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